Material, sustainability & CSR

Bioplastic frames

The Vasuma frames are made from sustainable biodegradable raw materials like cotton acetate and wood pulp, using a plasticizer of vegetable origin.

Most frames are using Italian manufacturer Mazzucchelli’s formula “M49” with the advantages of being both bio-based and biodegradable. The M49 also meets the prerequisites for compostability set by the standard ISO 17088:2012 (link to Mazzucchelli). 

We also gather and save left-over bits and flakes from our manufacturers to create new recycled acetate frames. Black acetate sheets have been made for a while, but Vasuma was the first partner of Mazzucchelli, making multi-colored tortoise sheets in 2017.

Sustainable metal frames

The metal frames must respond to many characteristics such as resistance, hardness and elasticity. We buy the raw material from the very best in the market (e.g. Swedish Sandvik). Nothing is lost from the production and scraps are re-used and melted to obtain useful metal components.


We always strive to use paper from responsible sources and our new foldable paper case is designed to reduce the volume and unnecessary voidfill during packing and transport. The cleaning pouch is made of recycled pet bottles.

VASUMA’s CSR activities

Environmental impacts are minimized as far as possible at every level of the supply chain. Vasuma tries to be a sound company and set a good example, where taking responsibility is ingrained in the corporate culture. Vasuma’s high-quality eyewear can be worn year after year.

Vasuma have initiated and launched CSR projcects such as:

Save the Children Eyewear - a special collection for the important organisation was designed and sold without profit interest.

”Glasses for Refugees” - where we coordinated free eyewear and prescription via opticians, for newly arrived refugees from the refugee flow caused by the war in Syria.

Lamps made from spare parts - collab with Swedish interior designer who collected all our spare aceate samples and old parts, and designed beautiful lamps for a charity auction in favor of supporting "Anti cyber-hate".

”Alien Supermarkets" - design and production of frames for a non-profit organisation helping kids in vulnerable suburbs.

Vasuma’s aim is to minimize environmental impacts in the product development process. Environmental aspects are considered at every step of the production cycle, from the choice of material and production method to how the finished product is shipped to stores.